Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Ignite Your Inner Fire


ignite your inner fireIn this workshop, you will learn how to transform pain into passion.  It is a fusion of yoga, an arrow-breaking exercise and the “Proving the Impossible is Possible” firewalk.


Into the Wild

wild retreat workshopThese multi-day retreats are held in luxurious and serene destinations around the world and combine adventure, yoga, wellness and firewalking.  Adventures like hiking to waterfalls, surfing in tropical waters or just soaking in hot springs will allow you to reconnect with nature at it’s finest.  It is here where you can do some deep soul healing in beautiful surroundings with no distractions of the modern world. We will practice both gentle and invigorating yoga everyday. Wellness will be an important element with healthy meals, nutritional coaching, and relaxing massages.  The retreat will also include a very sacred and transformational fire walking ceremony. You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. You will have a greater sense of self and what you want from life. More importantly, you will be Empowered to Embrace your passion and Embark on your True Path…

Breaking Barriers

breaking barriers retreatThese workshops are designed for Corporate Team Building Events and for groups such as AA.  The focus is on overcoming fears and limiting beliefs. Attendees will participate in liberating exercises allowing them to step closer to their personal goals.  Then we close with a powerful firewalking ceremony.