Workshops & Retreats

Ignite Your Inner Fire

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform pain into passion.  It is a fusion of yoga, an arrow-breaking exercise and the “Proving the Impossible is Possible” firewalk.

Into the Wild

These multi-day retreats are held in luxurious and serene destinations around the world and combine adventure, yoga, wellness and firewalking.  Adventures like hiking to waterfalls, surfing in tropical waters or just soaking in hot springs will allow you to reconnect with nature at it’s finest.

Breaking Barriers

These workshops are designed for Corporate Team Building Events and for groups such as AA.  The focus is on overcoming fears and limiting beliefs. Attendees will participate in liberating exercises allowing them to step closer to their personal goals.  Then we close with a powerful firewalking ceremony.

When was the last time you truly felt alive?

Make a Change

Elizabeth’s Journey

…Elizabeth is an Explorer by nature and has moved 27 times in her life.  She finds it exhilarating and considers herself to have a serious case of Wanderlust. From a very young age, Elizabeth was fascinated with finding her true purpose.  She knew she was destined to do something that would overflow her soul with joy, love and gratitude.  Her mission in life was to find it…. She always embraced an entrepreneur spirit and organized her 1st event, a circus in her backyard, when she was just 5 years old after reading the book, “Backyard Circus.”.  After college, she began working as a corporate Event Manager.  She really enjoyed this work because it allowed her to travel and to create something truly unique and magical out of nothing.  This was the first piece of the puzzle…


“Powerful!!! Forever life “Changing” experience. Arrow ceremony to release the bad was riveting but firewalk lifted me to a new and different place!”

LaVerne G

“I went to the Bold Betties event where Elizabeth was the Instructor for Barefoot, Wild & Free.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just wanted to try firewalking.  During the event, Elizabeth made sure to get our energy up to match that of the fire’s so we could walk across…

Micah Scobey

“This was my first time participating in a firewalking ceremony and how moving it was! Elizabeth sets the stage for a deeply moving experience. As someone who has led ritual and ceremony for more than 30 years I can attest that the flow and intentionality of the event, and the wise heart-felt leadership of Elizabeth…

Rev. Kimberly Braun, M.A., Author, Speaker, Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, & Retreat Leader

“Firewalking with Elizabeth is an amazing experience!!!  Space was held for me to summon my courage to face the unknown, and I felt intense and overwhelming supportive energy during the process.  Fire is an ultimate cleanser, and my experience with Barefoot, Wild & Free, was transformational.”

Alicia Heard

Barefootin’ Blog

Women on Fire

The dark clouds rend apart like gossamer fabric being torn by invisible hands, allowing the full moon to paint silver…

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My First Firewalk

It was a snowy Saturday in April in Denver, Colorado.  Two days earlier, I had seen a promotion for a…

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